About Us

Forte Consulting & Investigations is a multidisciplinary engineering investigation company offering consulting and solutions to property owners, / managers, investors, real estate financiers and insurers.

We provide expert consulting that assists our clients in understanding the condition of structures or mechanical systems and help them to become whole and safe again. We uncover, quantify and help mitigate risks associated with client’s owned or insured properties, machinery and construction projects. We provide answers to questions pertaining to what causes contributed to the damage or failure of a structure / mechanical system, the integrity of damaged structures, anticipate downtime (power generation and manufacturing), repair recommendations / consulting, etc.

  • Property Condition Assessments

  • General Forensic Engineering & Science (Incident Response)

  • Catastrophe Engineering Investigations (Incident Response)

  • Power Generation Forensic Investigations and Consulting (Risk Management and Incident Response)

  • Construction Related Investigations and Consulting / Civil and Structural (Incident Response)

Our Mission

We give property owners, financial institutions, insurers and legal representatives’ peace of mind by providing expert assessments of condition of their property, machinery and mechanicals. These fiscally-focused assessments will have our clients’ monetary interests in mind at all times. For property owners and insures, we investigate, uncover and solve structural, geological and mechanical problems and we will assist in resolving disputes. We do this in the most courteous, cost-effective and timely fashion possible with these three goals in mind:

  • Help property owners become whole and safe again
  • Help investors and real estate financiers make educated investment decisions
  • Help make insurer’s jobs easier

What Our Clients Are Saying

Forensic Engineering for Power Generation and Complex Industrial Incidents

One of the things that impressed me most about Forte is the depth of their expertise. In over 30 years in the power generation insurance industry, I have not found a firm more acutely aware of the need to get the right expert assigned to the project every time. I have had great results finding the niche expert recently working with Forte.

Forensic Engineering for Power Generation and Complex Industrial Incidents
Forensic Engineering for Catastrophe Client

I wanted to drop you a quick note regarding service levels during a very busy snow & ice season. The service provided has been superior. My own personal experience involved a fairly sensitive collapse and coverage issue.  Ben took the lead on this and within hours the engineer made contact with our Insured. Even more impressive, he inspected the next morning and turned around a comprehensive report within days. Such service during these periods of heavy claim volume is critical for us and wanted to extend my appreciation.

Forensic Engineering for Catastrophe Client
Forensic Engineering Client

Forte is the best. I have complete trust that they will do what they say they are going to do and they will do it on time, with no surprises in the budget.

Forensic Engineering Client
Property Condition Assessment

We are particularly impressed with Forte because they are genuinely concerned with helping us understand how this investment is going to perform for us. They truly understand the importance of being able to understand and predict our assets’ performance over time.

Property Condition Assessment

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