About Us

Our Vision:

We believe that the safety, security, and the well-being of our clients and their investments are attainable pursuits. We believe that every real estate investor, financier and insurer has the right to make educated and calculated investment decisions. We also believe that those who try to fraudulently gain at the expense of the above entities should be suppressed.

Our Values:

We view ourselves as integral helpers to those who are in pursuit of safety, security, well-being and valuable information.

Whether it be:

  • Helping a real estate investor determine the stability of a potential investment
  • Helping a property owner or manager to determine why a structure or mechanical system has failed
  • Helping an insurer by investigating an incident and providing answers that will help them make a coverage determination.

We are here to help these people attain answers, insight and solutions. As we grow, the world around us will grow.

To that end:

  • We help our fellow citizens by contributing both time and proceeds to those in need.
  • We actively seek and create opportunities to contribute to the greater good.
  • We consistently and aggressively increase our own knowledge through training, investigation and education so that we may share our knowledge with others.
  • We work hard to ensure value to our loyal clients
  • In the end, the money we earn from providing these services will be shared with those in need.

As we grow, the world around us grows.  That is what drives us.

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