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Locally Licensed Florida Based Experts

When it comes to property damage in Florida, having the right local expert is key.  Our model allows us to be cost efficient and responsive providing our clients with the most value.

We take the time to understand your needs and requirements so that we can assign the right consultant who will provide a clear, conclusive report every time.

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Common Florida Assignments

Storm Damage

In FL, storm damage is a constant. With our network of experts we can respond quickly to provide in depth inspection and reports to help with wind/hail, roof damage, other structural issues, and more.

Construction Defect

With all of the new home and new commercial construction that has taken place across Florida the opportunity for construction defect is at an all time high. Forte’s experts can help determine damages and provide clear resolution.

Water Intrusion/Mold

Water damage and Florida are synonomous with each other. Sometimes the damage is not always obvious. Our experts can help you determine the source and also inspect for mold.

Complete Expert Services

  • Construction
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Fire Origin and Cause
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • HVAC Damage and Failure
  • Milestone Inspections
  • Materials and Metallurgical
  • Mechanical/Machinery Damage and Failure
  • OHSA Compliance Consulting
  • Property Risk Assessment
  • Structural Damage and Failure

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