Property Condition Assessments

Forte serves the real estate industry, M&A due diligence professionals and mortgage bankers by providing property condition assessments.  Our experts will observe and report on the physical condition of a property, providing a professional opinion related to any potential issues or liabilities that may affect the asset’s financial performance over time.

During the process of this assessment, the structure and all major building components are examined. Our experts provide information related to the depreciation of those components, whether or not there are any apparent defects, code compliance status and general life cycle costs.  Our comprehensive assessments and ensuing property condition reports (PCR) are fundamentally based on industry standards.  They provide the banks and investors with information pertaining to deferred maintenance, defects or deficiencies that may need to be addressed during the life of the loan.

In addition to industry standard reporting, Forte proudly provides customized reports, which allows investors to easily translate a PCA into a capital reserve schedule, thus being able to better measure their asset’s performance over time.  This allows investors to easily share the information that is most important to them with other investors, shareholders, etc.

With a team of over 450 experts across the U.S., Forte is able to provide these services throughout the country, including Alaska and Hawaii.  We take pride in delivering consistent, courteous, timely and customized PCRs at reasonable price for both lender and investor.

A PCA fundamentally addresses the building’s structural components (foundations, walls, framing, beams, columns, etc.)  In addition to the building’s structural components the following are observed:

Grounds:  A full site inspection will include parking lots, sidewalks, loading docks, landscape, hardscape, fences, rails, signs, exterior lighting and any exterior features

Safety: This would typically include fire suppression systems, ADA compliance, general life safety and performing research to uncover potential fire or zoning code violations.

Mechanical Systems:  Every building is different.  The standard building typically has electrical and plumbing systems and an HVAC system.  Other properties may also include vertical lifts (elevators / escalators), interior design features (fountains, etc.)

Building Envelope:  An assessment of the building envelope focuses on the condition and proper instillation and adequate ventilation all roofing components, windows, doors and exterior finishes.

Other interior components:  Our experts will observe and report their opinion as to the condition of the interior finishes throughout the building.

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