The work we do enables our clients to determine the condition of property and machinery or cause of failure to property and machinery.  We assist our real estate investment and property insurance clients by looking for ways we can help them to expedite repairs, reduce business interruption and make better property investment decisions.  We do this within our clients’ industry-specific health and safety guidelines.

Our team of consultants and technical specialists offer a huge diversity of knowledge covering a multitude of disciplines and sectors.  We can provide you with the right expert whether it’s a conventional property damage incident or a more complex engineered building, structure, machine or mechanical system.  When widespread damage occurs due to hurricane or other natural disaster, our team of over 1,200 consultants and technical specialists can provide fast and effective catastrophe response services.

Our clients include Lloyd’s of London; the 20 largest international and domestic insurers; international and domestic independent claims adjusters; specialist corporate attorneys; and real estate investment, management and finance firms.

Our clients come to us time and again because of the quality of our expert opinions and the high level of personal service.  We make sure they have the right expert by their side.  We provide a fast and effective response and timely reports.  We aim to exceed their objectives and deliver an outstanding service experience.


Our clients come to us time and again because the services we offer and how we address their needs by making knowledge count and exceeding industry standards


A case study about a large building under construction that had suffered a significant flood and the metal framework had been under salt water for several days.

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