Forte serves the real estate industry, M&A due diligence professionals and mortgage bankers by providing property condition assessments.  Our experts observe and report on the physical condition of a property, providing a professional opinion outlining potential issues or liabilities that may affect the asset’s financial performance over time.  Our assessments outline the investment property’s possible defects, deficiencies, deferred maintenance or other potential liabilities that may impact the investor’s profit potential throughout the life of the investment or loan.

During the process of this assessment the structure and all major building components are examined.  We provide information related to the depreciation of these components and whether there are any apparent defects, code compliance issues and general property management costs.

In addition to industry standard reporting, Forte proudly provides customized reports which allows investors to easily translate a Property Condition Assessment into a capital reserve schedule, enabling them to better forecast their assets’ performance over time.  This allows investors to easily share the information with other potential investors, shareholders, etc.


We offer a network of over 1,200 consultants and technical specialists spanning the USA including Alaska, Hawaii and US Virgin Islands (as shown on the map). Providing a local service allows us to be cost effective and responsive but having the right expert by your side makes the difference. That’s why we take the time to understand your situation and requirements and match your project to the right team.

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